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Our Process Is Unique

How we ensure the highest quality teams to grow your business

1. You Meet with Our Top Executives

Our top executives are experienced VAs who know exactly how to maximize efficiency and results. That is why our process begins with an in depth interview of your needs. We want to know exactly how to help you to grow your business. At this stage we also assist you to strategize how to get the most out of your virtual team. Our focus is your success and getting an excellent return on your investment.

2. We Create Training for Your Team 

Our executives create an exact plan and layout SOPs for your virtual team. This means there is an exact blueprint of your business and your unique needs. We do this step to ensure your team knows exactly what you expect. And if someone is out ill, or goes on vacation? No problem! Your instructions are recorded and on file for anyone who fills in for them, resulting in minimal interruptions for you. The entire goal is to take away all the hassles of working with a virtual team and make life easy peasy for you!

3. We Hire the Perfect Team Member(s)

We take your requirements and find experienced team members that fit your requirements. Recruitment is where we excel. We know how to locate the best personnel with the right experience. In fact, we are always tracking down personnel and have a waiting list of prospective team members with specific skills sets on standby so our recruitment process is fast and effective. Our standards are high and our company culture provides excellent working conditions so positions with Teambuilders are in high demand within the regions we recruit from.

4. We Get Your Team to Work

Using your initial instructions we get your team quickly trained and started. We monitor performance and ensure it is in line with what we see with our other customers. Our focus is results so we constantly review the numbers to ensure your business is getting maximum performance.

5. We Provide Continuing Education

We want your team to stay ahead of the game and strive for perfection. Based on your feedback and general results your team members will be given specific training. This includes anything from advanced communication skills, to advanced business administration techniques. We expect our Teambuilders to constantly strive for new levels of excellence which we do by advancing their knowledge.

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