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Personal Assistant

Focus more on your business priorities by outsourcing your overwhelming, time-consuming and repetitive tasks to someone that is reliable.

We help manage your business efficiently & productively    

The real asset of a growing business comes from within—your team. A personal virtual assistant is a fresh start off your overwhelming lists of to-dos in your daily activities. Whether you need someone to take over simple admin duties or handle specialized essentials in your business, our group of personal VAs are a message away to get the help you need.

Personal Assistant includes:

Calendar Management

Video & Audio Transcription

Online File Management / Organization

Keeping good communication with clients

Data Entry and Online Research


Managing internal or outside team

Email Management

Admin Support

Generating Reports

Scheduling appointments

And 101+ more (check out our free checklist!)

Benefits of Hiring a Personal Assistant:

Strictly focus on your business priorities. 

Your daily activities of menial and repetitive tasks can be overwhelming enough to hinder you from doing the important parts of your business and having a personal VA take over that part of your to-do lists can free up time to shift your focus to priorities.

Deliver quality work.

Faster turnaround time, hands on support, and a dedicated savvy VA result in a quality finished work for your clients, improving the status of your services.

Freedom with your time.

Hiring a virtual assistant will lessen your day-to-day load and give you more time to secure the core parts of your business or even get a breather into your personal time allowing time for analyzing, reflecting, and creating! 

Save the effort of training for a new skill set.

Learning a new skill set is vital for your business but outsourcing specialized tasks such as project management, managing CRMs, or doing finances will be a huge relief on your shoulders, especially if handled by VAs with experience and training in the said tools and skills.

Get your time back.

Your long hours of building a business is never in vain! Especially when onboarding  one or a team of virtual assistants ready to support and take over the roles you established in the business by yourself. You will have more time breathing, creating, and thinking (even at the same time!).

Keep an eye out for business growth.

Virtual Assistants aim to help grow your business and they do so with hard work. As a business owner with a virtual team, you’ll be able to expand your network, open new opportunities, increase profits and make an impact within your team, clients, and community.

Improve efficiency & productivity.

Doing everything alone can be inefficient and lead to unproductive days but a personal VA can help you achieve more in a day, week, and months of operating your business.

Practice leadership.

Empower your business with an empowered team. Develop your leadership skills as it is a necessity for every business owner and master the art of outsourcing, task delegation, and boosting morale in your team of virtual assistants.  

Hiring a trusted personal VA is without a doubt every business owner’s dream and we’re all here for it. We hire and train our group of VAs specifically for our client’s business.

Want to know more about how Personal Virtual Assistants can grow your business?

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