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Recruitment Administration

Build the best team for your recruiting needs and hire the right people faster while improving efficiency in your hiring process.

We help you hire smarter and faster

Focus on meeting the right candidates with the help of our best team. Make your hiring process smart, easy and efficient from the first step to the last.

Recruitment Administration includes:


Sourcing qualified candidates

Save time in finding and selecting the right person for the role. Finding the diamond in the rough.


Pre-screening and follow ups

Focus on meeting the best candidates without the hassle of gathering data such as resumes, requirements, and other resources.

Our VAs also help with scheduling and follow-ups.


LinkedIn & Email Management

From sending connection invites to responding to messages and inquiries, we help build relationships with qualified candidates and establish being the point of contact.


Data Entry

Achieve more from outsourcing repetitive tasks such as entering or updating data to your list or software.


Hands-on Recruiting Support

Our VAs are available to work with you from 20-40 hours, full time.

Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Assistant for Recruitment Administration:

  1. Save time going over dozens of paperwork, thorough research, and databases.

  2. Faster hires with a virtual assistant doing all admin work or having your own team to handle different departments.

  3. Get quality candidates with an efficient and hands-on support team.

Hiring a recruitment administration VA will shorten your process, get quality hires, and save costs and time resulting in higher profits!

Want to know more about how Recruitment Administration VA can grow your business?

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