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Social Marketing Trends for 2019

As the new year begins I wanted to tell one of the primary reasons that Facebook Advertising excites me for 2019. It is the insane ability to drill down into the precise demographics of potential customers and hit them with targeted messages.

Social Marketing trends for the new year

Want to speak to female real estate agents around your business about signing up for a new exercise program? Pretty specific audience but you can do that!

Want to speak to homeowners who earn over $75,000 to offer them a kitchen remodel? You can do that too!

But even more crazy, is how you can target your messages to that specific audience.

Let's take those female real estate agents and show them an image of a female real estate agent who looks physically fit, and offer to help them achieve a new physically fit form for the New Year. And if you have other audiences for that same ad you can tailor their ad for them.

Or take images of amazing kitchens and tell local residents, mentioning their neighborhood specifically, that they will get free tickets to the local ball game when they purchase a kitchen remodel.

2019 is they year you can create super-hyper-targeted ad campaigns to super-hyper-targeted lists!

Want to learn more... in this recent keynote talk social media expert Gary Vee explains these 2019 Facebook trends, and why small business is going to get big while big business is going to get small.

Enjoy it and schedule a Free Social Media Strategy Session so we can talk about how to put this type of targeted advertising in place for your business.

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