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Attention Business Owners: Stand out in LinkedIn with 7 easy steps

When was the last time you tweaked your LinkedIn profile to generate leads?

And why is it ‘a long time ago’?

How many potential sales do you think are driving away because of how empty your LinkedIn profile looks?

One look and it doesn’t show anything that will make them want to talk to you or inquire about your business or even do a good stalk because of how awesome your posts are.

Most importantly, it’s not sold out goods, lol, At least I hope that’s an LOL. :)

Alas, don’t fret.

We’re here to guide you through the first steps of social selling:

Creating & Optimizing your Ultimate LinkedIn Profile.

8 easy steps to stand out in LinkedIn:

1. Optimize profile photo, headline, and cover image

Get a high-quality image of yourself with good lighting. Write your headline that shows what you do and who you help (look for keywords your ideal clients look for). Your cover image could be a photo of you in speaking engagements or a tagline of what you do. 2. Tell your story in the Summary section Use the Summary or About section to communicate with your leads and show them the reason to trust you. Make sure not to use too many jargon words or else your lead won’t continue to read on. Call out and tell your hot leads how exactly you can contribute to their business. 3. Highlight your relevant experiences

Your whole profile should be written from your ideal client’s viewpoint. Highlight your current job followed by each one of your most relevant previous jobs that appeals to the current target audience. Add in a description of what you do/did for the company. 4. Raise your skills banner Pick the most relevant and important skills in your work. Make sure to highlight the first three you’re most confident in. 5. Work out your endorsements and recommendations After picking out the skills, approach your previous clients, colleagues, or bosses in your network and ask them if they can endorse you. Recommendations is another thing as it serves as the “reviews” or “testimonial” aspect of your profile. As always, keep the people you’ve worked with in your network. 6. Grow your connections

Gather around 500+ connections in your profile (even better if there’s more). It boosts credibility, influence, and familiarity. It’s not as hard as it sounds, trust me. Create a daily routine of sending connection invites to your ideal clients, their connections, and their connection’s connection. 7. Be active

Jog your way around LinkedIn. Join groups, participate in forums, comment and react on posts, and share your insights. Part of being active is chatting with at least 5 people in your network, thanking them for connecting with you or talking about your mutual interests. [Also important, avoid sounding like a persistent salesperson.] 8. Share helpful content

Provide helpful tips, encouragement, and insights in your posts, articles, infographics, and comments. In Social Selling, optimizing your profile is super important and it is accomplished with the above steps and influence is a vital act you accomplish by sharing your knowledge.

Need help in growing your network? Or Need more insights in creating your ultimate LinkedIn profile? We offer a free strategy session for business owners and salespeople to get a social media and marketing checkup!

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