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What is a VA?

There's a high chance you already know what a virtual assistant is.

But if it's your first time hearing it and quickly imagined someone like C3PO, R2D2 or Tron..

No, it's a humanoid robot.

A Virtual Assistant or VA is a person who provides administrative, creative, or technical support for business owners in a remote setting

It's an entire industry with an incredible number of onlinse services.

Business owners today are shifting to market and operate digitally. Not only does the internet offer efficient working tools & systems, but it also gave way to a sea-size growing opportunity to innovate.

But here's some of the hard truths that business owners encounter early on in the business:

  • Not being technically savvy with tools, systems, and applications.

  • Wearing all hats in running your business.

  • Being the Superman to everybody won't last

The good news is:

A VA can help you with numerous tasks and who knows, they might even solve the biggest struggle you're having trouble getting around to!


How tired are you from typing the same thing, organizing the same files, booking countless meetings in your day-to-day work? Save a whole lot of soul-sucking time by letting your VA handle that for you.


One main reason why VAs are thriving in the undustry is their ability to adapt and grow. They can work in any type of business, in any location, at any time zone. A determined VA continuously himself/herself in the lates programs and tools.


A VAs entire bussiness model revolves around helping other businesses thrive, which is why a reliable VA is the key to letting go of the "other" venture of your business.


Saving you rent for a co-working space and traffic jams, a VA is one call away.

We are living in fast-paced (ZOOM) world. Since you're aiming to finally take your family on a trip without worrying your business, nothing can stop you now.

Plus, there's a lot of project management tools that businesses swear by that helped them become effcient and productive with their virtual teams.


At the end of the day, we always look at results. You can count on a VA to solve one or two of your daily problems. Think about what you struggle with daily and how turning it over will make your life less complicated.

Focus on the important things in your business and outsource the rest! Become the CEO you've wanted to be.

My team and I would greatly appreciate it if you could kindly answer a 4 quick-question survey that we prepared to be able to provide you the best service and support your business growth by learning more about your needs.

See you next week!

Barry Coziahr

P.S. Are you ready to hire your own VA?

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